21st Century Learning

State-Of-The-Art 21st Century Classrooms

The District is interested in continuing the expanded use of new technologies and learning platforms to both support improved student achievement, as well as provide opportunities for graduates to emerge with those 21st Century skills valued in college and the world of work.  We seek to develop educational settings that promote critical and creative thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, innovation, and communication.

The Viking Foundation will support the design and development of academic work-spaces that promote this kind of learning. The work spaces will include:

  • Collaborative Technologies In The Classroom – online meeting software, social networking tools, conference systems, productivity software
  • Audio Visual Solutions – digital and video cameras, interactive whiteboards
  • Productivity Tools – desktops, laptops, tablets, editing software, publishing software, 3-D printers
  • Assessment of Learning – student response systems, E-portfolio
  • Furniture – adjustable desks, laptop/tablet charging and storage carts, dual service lecterns
  • Professional Development – consultants to train and support teachers, curriculum work on an ongoing basis


The District is also committed to continuing the tradition of providing a strong, effective and universal arts education program in all the schools.

A recent professional review of the North Shore arts’ programs found that the District’s arts education facilities were used to the maximum and must be upgraded to accommodate existing and future demand. It was found that the District needed to make several investments in equipment, technology and facility upgrades to fully support the Fine & Performing Arts Department instructional programs. As a result of that study, the District asked the Viking Foundation to support the Fine & Performing Arts Department in three key areas:

The High School Theater

Conventional lighting
Sound System
Box Office
Redesign Needs for Performing Arts Wing
Scene Shop
Theater Storage
Hydraulic Pit
Alternative to the “Black Box” Theater

Music Department

◦ Large Instruments
Percussion Equipment
Flip Form System for Elementary General Music Studios
Replacement risers for Sea Cliff and Glenwood Landing Elementary Schools’ Choral Programs
Replacement baffles for High School stage

Visual Arts Programs

• Mac Mini-Labs
• Document camera patches into the District’s Smart Boards, allowing students to watch teacher demonstrations as well as projections of completed art work for peer critique.
• Digital Camera Class Sets for the Middle and High Schools: 120 cameras (20/class)
• Large-Format Color Printer for High School Art Department
• Photo Lab Upgrade
• District-wide Art Gallery Space

Viking Foundation Victorian House Television & Production Studio

The Viking Foundation has been instrumental in providing the initial construction funding for the Victorian House at the front entrance of the High School. This ‘house’ provides a permanent space for the new Television and Production Studio. In conjunction with The Campaign for 21st Century Learning, the Viking Foundation will also fund the purchase and installation of the equipment and technology necessary to complete the house as a state-of-the-art digital media production studio including:

Editing room

• Counters/chairs
• Storage cabinets
• Studio audio/video monitors and student monitoring
• 12 iMac computers with appropriate software
• Printer/Scanner
• 3 lap tops
• Laptop charging station

Control Room

• Lighting console
• 19” standard racks, effects module
• Mixing consoles
• Counters/chairs
• Studio audio/video monitors for security and student monitoring
• 1 iMac computer with appropriate software
• Storage cabinets

Production Studio

• LED lighting system, grid suspended from ceiling
• 3 Cameras, including pedestals
• Cyclarama
• Light blocking window coverings
• Storage
• Wireless access point
• Studio audio/video monitors for security and student monitoring
• Tall storage capacity

Utility Closet

• Network switch
• Network cabinet
• Fiber press box
• Dimmer
• Media server
• Patch panel
• Uninterruptable power supply